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Friday, 28 May 2010

The latest developments...

The base for the new building is complete! Adrian Nixon and team did a smashing job: the measurements are precise and the surface smooth!

You might be able to see that there is a flat central corridor, with another level section at the front making a ''T'' shape. There will be an office on one side and a kitchen area on the other. The central aisle will have runs off either side, which will lead onto covered outdoor runs as well. You might notice that the runs themselves are at a slight fall-away.

Now that the building panels and sections have been ordered at head office in Italy, we are eagerly awaiting their construction to be complete. The next phase will see the kennel delivered to us and erected by Ian Knapper's team.

Our projected opening is July. Feel free to call Michael or Jason for more information, or to make bookings for your pets' summer holidays. 01772 687 396 or 01772 687 301

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